Brent von Twistern has a B.Sc. from Colorado State University, College of Natural Resources and a M.Sc. from University of Southern Mississippi College of Science and Technology.  Brent's thesis work was focused on shallow water ecosystem dynamics in the central barrier reef lagoon of Belize, Central America in conjunction with many national and international agencies.  Upon departure from his academic career Brent worked for the U.S Naval Oceanographic Office conducting expeditionary Hydrographic surveys around the world and specifically in the Caribbean, Latin America and South America.  After 6 years working for the government, Brent has applied his skills in the private industry around the US and helped start a  hydrographic survey program in the San Francisco Bay area.  Brent applies his hydrographic skills in many different industries and in non-standard, emerging markets for the technology.  Currently, Brent is President of Journey Around Happy Inc. and continues evolving his skill sets in the marine industry through consulting, design of new products, and contributing to the creation of mixed media art for the scientific community and the general public.  His passion for the arts and communication began as a kid working on film sets with his father, which lead to his love of photography.

Chris Hill graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design with a B.F.A in painting and took a semester abroad studying Renaissance sculpture in Italy & France.  His career revolves around the art of sculpting concrete, from creating Mayan temple ruins at a Bahamian Resort to a volcano themed water park at the

Hawaiian Disney Resort.  He was the Art Director for the Marley Resort & Spa in Nassau, helping remodel Bob Marley’s Bahamian home into a 5 star resort.  He was the Art Director for the Wyland Foundation's "Ocean Challenge" 50 state bus tour and Greenpeace's "Save our Seas" campaign in the Mediterranean Sea, creating ocean & environmental murals with children.  He's been an art teacher & crew aboard a School @ Sea Program sailing for 4 months in the Caribbean. Chris is a P.A.D.I  dive master and while scubaing will draw with oil pastels the beauty of the underwater world.  He is currently a lead carver on

Walt Disney Attractions in Orlando, Florida and as Vice President & Creative Designer of Journey Around Happy Inc, he enjoy's merging his artistic skills with the sub-reality of sonar imagery.

journey around happy inc. 2008